Priorities for Vitreoretinal/Ocular Trauma research

At a workshop held on 15 May 2013 attended by patients and eye health professionals the following top 10 priorities for Vitreoretinal/Ocular Trauma research were identified:


  1. How can surgical techniques be improved to save sight for eyes damaged by injury?
  2. How can the risk of losing sight for people with retinal detachment be reduced?
  3. How can better interventions be developed that are effective in treating vitreous opacities/eye floaters?
  4. What causes retinal detachment and can it be prevented?
  5. Can more effective diagnostic tools be developed for assessing the vitreous and eye floaters?
  6. Can a functioning prosthetic eye be developed to replace an eye damaged by injury?
  7. How can epiretinal membrane/fibrosis be prevented or treated?
  8. Can stem cells be used to regrow an eye or part of an eye?
  9. What causes posterior vitreous detachment/vitreous syneresis?
  10. Are there methods to prevent and improve the treatment of macular holes?