Priorities for Childhood Onset Disorders research

At a workshop held on 13 May 2013 attended by patients and eye health professionals the following top 10 priorities for childhood onset disorder research were identified:


  1. How can cerebral visual impairment be identified, prevented and treated in children?
  2. How can treatment for visual pathway damage associated with pre-term birth be developed?
  3. How do we improve screening and surveillance from the ante-natal period through to childhood to ensure early diagnosis of impaired vision and eye conditions?
  4. Can the treatment of amblyopia be improved to produce better short and long term outcomes than are possible with current treatments?
  5. How can cataract be prevented in children?
  6. What are the causes of coloboma and microphthalmia/anophthalmia and how can they be prevented?
  7. Can vision be corrected in later life for people with amblyopia?
  8. How can retinoblastoma be identified, prevented and treated in children?
  9. Can better treatments for glaucoma in children be developed?
  10. Can a treatment be developed to improve vision for people with albinism?